We are pleased to work with the The Explore Nepal Group as a reputed ground handler agency in Nepal, licensed and recognised by the tourism authority of the Government of Nepal. They have been pioneering sustainable and responsible tourism and travel in Nepal since 1988. They excel at offering unique and exciting tourism packages in some of the world’s most incredible places. Every one of their trips, tours and activities is designed to offer you an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience which is culturally and spiritually insightful whilst holding true to their environmental, social and cultural sustainability values and responsibilities.


They work hard to ensure that every aspect of your stay in Kathmandu and elsewhere is environmentally friendly and socially responsible whilst providing you with the best that Nepali hospitality has to offer. This is eco-tourism in every sense of the word whilst also experiencing the best of style and comfort.


We also continue to work with Earthen Experiences – our trusted partner primarily in India. With a passion for travel in their own genes, their team of experienced consultants prides itself on its in-depth product knowledge as well as its highly-trained and motivated people. They constantly strive for excellence and perfection in their own company!


Combined with our own expertise and love of Nepal and the extraordinary sub-continent of India, we will be pleased to devise your own tailor-made holiday to Nepal, India and its surrounding countries.

The wide assortment of itineraries in Nepal is largely indebted to the diversity in various locations throughout the country. Nepal has a plethora of different areas to visit and attractions. From fascinating cities and villages with traditions and culture that date back centuries to popular getaway destinations that leave visitors speechless at the beauty of the Himalayan mountain range, Nepal is blessed with it all. We are dedicated to provide you with holidays for all locations and our local agents take as much pride and fascination as their fellow travellers in the ever-alluring beauty of so many Nepali travel destinations.


From the temples and palaces in Durbar Square to the small alcoves holding devotional statues nestled on the busy streets all over Kathmandu, Nepal’s unique architectural and cultural heritage is recognised worldwide. This makes Nepal a popular tour and travel destination.


Bhaktapur, a city famous for its vibrant culture and ethnicity and also known as Bhadgaon, is situated about 17 kilometres east of Kathmandu and was one of the three kingdoms of Mallas. Here you should visit the Lion Gate, Picture Gallery, the beautifully embellished Golden Gate and the 17th Century Palace of 55 Windows.


Chitwan National Park has a particularly rich flora and fauna. National Parks like Chitwan together with the adjacent Parsa National Park support a diversity of animal species diversity. Rare species include the Bengal Tiger, Gharial, Rhino, Leopard and  Crocodile whilst the parks provide a home for a variety of birds.


Nepal is the land of the Himalayas, which offer plenty of travel options due to their  breath-taking adventurous activities, massive mountains and natural beauty. Nepal’s rich architectural heritage is a major attraction for people from around the world. One of the most amazing features which makes Nepal one of the most popular tourist destinations is its wide choice of trekking activities, some more challenging than others!


Rara is a myth turned reality. The tranquil lake, reflecting on its surface the snow-capped mountains and pine forests that it is surrounded by, is a sight to behold. Tall trees enclosing high valleys make the Rara Lake Region perfect for trekking.


Travel guides and television documentaries don’t do justice to the sheer range of experiences Nepal has to offer, especially when combined with India. Visitors will not be able to help being astounded by these remarkable countries and their delightful diversity. They are worlds where the old and the new have a seamless co-existence. They can be both chaotic and peaceful, exuberant as well as serene. The mix of different cultures, language, food habits and life-styles make these places an incredible adventure. They are not just holiday destinations but a journey through a whirlwind of ideas, sensations and spiritual encounters.


Trips to these incredible lands can also easily be combined with the neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka. Together, these Asian countries form a unique, once-in-a-lifetime voyage.


We show here a very small selection of the wide range of itineraries that we can arrange for your own holiday. The variations of holiday include experiential packages, touring around the Kathmandu Valley, trekking, yoga and spiritual tours as well as tours to explore Nepal’s culture and wildlife.  We can offer the full range of accommodation, from the smaller more personal boutique properties to those that offer luxury to compare with any hotel in the world.  


Nepal offers such a wide range of landscapes, cuisines and holiday ideas. We strongly believe that the country is not just a collection of monuments, sights and sounds but a unique sensory experience. We look forward to taking you to Nepal as our clients and our local agents also are keen to welcome you as guests to their country, offering you the chance to enjoy the fascinating experiences it has to offer. 



All images have been kindly provided to us by The Explore Nepal Group, Earthen Experiences and Himalayan Dreams. 



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